Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Home Sweet Home

Well, I thought I would get some pictures of the home upload to this before I go and switch to a new one.
This is our front porch which looks out in to the bay. It is quite nice most times. Although the other day it was blowing quite a gale. I thought we were going to lose all of our plants. I should take another picture because a lot of things are in bloom now and it looks very pretty.

This is from the bottom of our driveway and looking up to our house. Its not bad at all just a bit too small for all of our junk.

These would be the girls. They were cuddling in the bed that once held both of them with extra space. Now though, they squeeze in... we should get them both one so there wouldn't be so many argument over who gets to sleep in it.

This picture is last because I forgot to flip it before I upload it. Just turn your head sideways to get a good look. :) Anyway it was a nice day so Cindy put out the laundry to dry. Well hopefully I will be a little quicker on getting the pics and everything on the next place. I hope you enjoy.

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Ranch Mommy said...

Super cute place sis!! Keep us updated. I wasn't sure if you got my e-mail with Happy Birthday wishes, so