Tuesday, June 17, 2008

End of the Season

Well we practiced a lot and learned many things. The unfortunate part was we didn't get to play any games. Although I do consider the season to be quite a success. Many of the guys had never played and had only played a little catch with their father's or another sibling. So we started from scratch. Sometimes that is easier, I find that there were no expectations or prior items learned incorrectly. The following pictures were taken from a practice one day...

This is our one player who had actually played baseball. He was a great help to the guys when we were learning our basic skills. It was fun for the other guys to see things happen a "full speed" such as grounding a hard line drive. He really helped some of the guys out with their fielding.
We learned the concept of a cut off man. If only our center fielder had learned to throw better. He still would prefer to throw underhand like a pitch except the ball would rainbow way up and then not necessary go that far from him. I wish I would have had more time to work on a good throw with him. He lacked any if all upper body strength. But most of the time the guys were pretty good about running almost to him to get the cut off. It looked silly but managed to save some of his pride.

This is a great kid. He had never pitched before but was rather interested. He asked for some help after practice one day and I showed him the basics. He practiced at home for hours I am assuming since he improved so much. He had great speed and control. In the end more than the guy who was our original pitcher.

Trying to turn a double... they had never heard the term before... It shocked me since it was part of my vinacular from an early age. Once they caught on to the concept they were always wanting to turn a double and when we worked on infield drills they wanted to practice this idea the most. It was fun for them. They like the challenge of getting two out at once. In our scrimmage game they managed to do it. You would have thought that someone had won the lottery. They kept saying did you see that coach? Hmmm.... I wonder how I could have missed it. Where did they think I would be looking. Ahh boys! But they were happy that they had actually done something that we practiced so often in practice.

Overall I think we had a great time and everyone learned a little something.

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